Q: What do we do?

A: That’s an easy one! Cute friendly cotton candy experts hand spin amazing gourmet cotton candy live at your next event. At Cotton Candy Girls we combine our entertainment experience with our culinary background and provide a gourmet cotton candy experience for your party. With our roster of trained cotton candy girls and high end equipment and ingredients combined with our selection of colors and flavors, you’re guaranteed to take your party to the next level.

Q: What kind of events?

A: All kinds! Private parties, wrap parties, red carpets, corporate events, night clubs, product launches (Check out our PHOTO GALLERY!)

Q: What about, like, black cotton candy at a funeral?

A: Um . . . you’d be surprised!

Q: Isn’t it messy?

A: Nope, not at all. For indoor events we use a BubbleDometm which is made from heavy duty, see through, food-grade plastic which keeps the cotton candy sanitary and still lets everyone watch it being made.

Q: Why Cotton Candy?

A: It’s bright. It’s fluffy. It’ll make your party so much more memorable and unique! (Check out our cotton candy martinis and custom colors for something extra unique!) The smell of fresh cotton candy being made adds a whole other element to your party.

Q: Isn’t cotton candy unhealthy?

A: Although we wouldn’t recommend eating it for every meal, a typical serving of cotton candy actually has less calories than a can of soda mostly because of the amazingly large amount of volume you get from the ingredients. We use high quality pure cane sugar and flavorings which we mix to order before every event. No prepackaged floss sugar here! Also, it’s kosher!

Q: What do the girls wear?

A: Our usual wardrobe is upscale casual – Black skirt or dress with a black top and our sexy logo bistro aprons. Of course we can customize our wardrobe to fit your event’s theme and decor. Whether it’s a family friendly graduation party or something a bit sexier.