Cotton Candy Girls offers an exciting twist on your favorite carnival treat. A different but powerful entertainment idea to turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Ideal for private parties, birthdays, theme parties, premieres, red carpets, weddings, wrap parties, and more. Every one of our girls is an expert cotton candy barista who’s been hand selected to make sure your event is a smash! They’re a unique addition to any special occasion. Not to mention the sight and smell of fresh cotton candy being made live adds a whole other element to your party!
Combining candy making expertise with strong entertainment backgrounds, we’re able to customize our style to your event so you can worry about more important things. How about real maple cotton candy twirled onto bamboo skewer? Or pure white cotton candy for a baby or bridal shower? Don’t forget to check out our custom colors & flavors. Also, our Frequently Asked Questions page will help you out with anything else you may need to know about us.
Based in Hollywood, Cotton Candy Girls was started by Michael Stellman and Vicki Goldsmith. Michael has a strong culinary/food & beverage background with over a decade in entertainment. He holds a Culinary Arts Degree from Johnson and Wales University and a degree in Theatre from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Michael is also a working writer and actor. Vicki is a full time Assistant Director in Los Angeles with over 100 Films, Television Shows, and Commercials under her belt. She is also a talented actress and can be seen in some very awesome feature films. Additionally, Vicki has an extensive background in promotional beer and liquor spokesmodeling on both the east and west coast.