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Our Machines

Candy making in general is always a science as well as a bit of an art. Steps must be taken to get the perfect color, texture, and consistency every time. Sugar goes between several structural changes within a few degrees so precision is very important.

We use the Accu-Breeze ™ by GOLD MEDAL because it’s an industry standard for parties, rentals, and high capacity special events. This precision machine uses a tubular heating element for even temperature control and the stabilized floss-head guarantees the highest quality product with every use.

NOTE: We recently upgraded machines! The Accu-Breeze (left) is now our backup machine Our new machine is the updated Auto Breeze ™ (right). It’s an improved higher capacity version of the Accu-Breeze with the ability to control its voltage which helps ensure great cotton candy in all difficult situations.

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