They look like actual clouds! Or cotton depending on who you ask. Either way. . pure white cotton candy is pretty badass. Then again, the idea of 325 degree molten sugar hurling through the air at 100’s of miles an hour only to re solidify into a fluffy tangle of delight is always amazing.
I think the appeal of pure white cotton candy lies in its simplicity! Though there’s a lot more that goes into it than you’d think. White cotton candy, on its own, lacks flavor, except the slight carmelization that naturally occurs with the heating of sugar. A flavoring has to be added without affecting the color as pure white is easily ruined by residual color from other ingredients. In fact, to make pure white cotton candy, at least 2 pounds of sugar has to be run through the machine just to purge any coloring that may be left over. The smallest amount of residual color will ruin a whole batch.