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Cotton Candy Martinis

Cotton candy martinis (and other mixed drinks) are an amazing add on, not to mention they’ll be remembered long after your event is over. Weddings, club promotions, liquor promotions, baby showers, etc. We can integrate ourselves easily into any existing hosted bar event and we can provide our own bartender if necessary. There are several presentations for cotton candy drinks, each will leave your guests astonished and happy.

  • Cotton candy plumes can be placed in the glass, then the drink is poured out of the shaker on top of the cotton candy. It immediately melts into the drink creating a fun presentation and a tasty beverage.
  • Cotton candy can be used to rim the edge of the glasses and the drink is poured inside (like margarita salt, but much more fun)!
  • A small plume of cotton candy is served on a skewer alongside the mixed drink. The guests can then dunk it into the drink themselves. It’s a lot of fun to watch your martini change color and flavor in front of you.
Examples: Pina Colada Cotton Candy with Malibu & Coke, Hot pink cotton candy cosmopolitans, Watermelon Cotton Candy Martinis.
We’ll work with you, your event planner, or caterer to provide this exquisite treat. We bring all the necessary supplies and even a licensed bartender if needed. You provide the alcohol and bar set up. Night club and liquor promotersplease contact us.