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Our Clients

Microsoft Creative Space Netflix Mylie Cyrus 72 Degrees And Sunny FunnyOrDie.com Nieman Marcus Teen Choice Awards Fox Studios Hustler LinkedIn City of Los Angeles Pepperdine University Paramount Studios Kelsey Grammer prods. Warner Bros. The Center For Early Education Event Eleven – production + design WeHo Nighlife Group Universal Studios DB Creativity Zynger Events King Dahl[…]

Our Machines

Candy making in general is always a science as well as a bit of an art. Steps must be taken to get the perfect color, texture, and consistency every time. Sugar goes between several structural changes within a few degrees so precision is very important. We use the Accu-Breeze ™ by GOLD MEDAL because it’s[…]

Custom Flavors

We have a lot of experience in food design and using our knowledge of extracts, concentrates, exotic sugars, and flavor oils, we can make almost any flavor if the materials are available. If not, we can track down the right ingredients. How about lavender, rose or even maple cottoncandy for a fall wedding? Bacon cotton[…]

Cotton Candy Martinis

Cotton candy martinis (and other mixed drinks) are an amazing add on, not to mention they’ll be remembered long after your event is over. Weddings, club promotions, liquor promotions, baby showers, etc. We can integrate ourselves easily into any existing hosted bar event and we can provide our own bartender if necessary. There are several[…]

Cotton Candy, A Brief History

  Cotton candy was originally called FAIRY FLOSS (which we think is an awesome name!) It was actually invented by a dentist and a candy-maker. It was a joint effort of William Morrison and John C. Wharton and was a huge sellout at the 1904 World’s Fair and has been an international hit ever since.[…]